Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts - Slovenia

ZRC SAZU is the leading Slovenian research institution in social sciences and humanities. More than three hundred associates are organized into eighteen independent but coordinated and interconnected institutes. Work at ZRC SAZU is distinctly interdisciplinary and based on cooperation, complementation, and synergy. The diverse research areas can be summed up in the study of cultural, social, and natural phenomena, processes, and practices. The most important achievements include compiling seminal standard and technical Slovenian dictionaries, cultivating, preserving, protecting, and managing authentic elements of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage, and developing strategies for a responsible attitude towards natural, cultural, and living heritage.

Anton Melik Geographical Institute is a part of ZRC SAZU. From the very beginning, the institute's main task has been to conduct basic and applied geographical research on Slovenia and its landscapes and to prepare basic geographical texts on Slovenia as a country and as a part of the world. Since Slovenia gained independence, in cooperation with other Slovenian geographers the institute’s staff has prepared a large variety of basic geographical works on Slovenia as an independent country. These include national, world, school, and census atlases, a dictionary of geographical terminology, a lexicon of Slovenian place names, and a regional and general monograph. The institute participates in numerous projects in Slovenia and abroad, organizes academic conferences, trains junior researchers, and participates in professional exchanges. More details can be found at: