Region of Western Greece - Greece

The Region of Western Greece stretches from the northwest part of the Peloponnesus to the western tip of the Greek mainland. It is one of the 13 Regions of Greece, is separated in 3 administrative districts, the regional divisions of Aitoloakarnania, Achaia, Elia and covers an area of 11.350 square kilometers (8,6% of the total area of Greece).

For the most part the terrain is mountainous (45,3%) or hilly (25,6%), while only 29,1% consists of plains. All three prefectures have extensive coastal areas along the Ionian Sea and the Gulfs of Amvrakia, Patras and Korinthos.
According to the 2011 census, the population of the Region of Western Greece is about 680,190. This makes it the fourth most populated Region of Greece, with 7% of the country's total population.
Today the Region of Western Greece is a modern communications and transport (six harbors) that connects Greece to the rest of Europe. The busy port of Patras is not only the Region's capital but also the country's main gateway to Western Europe.
Rich in R&D infrastructure with main industrial sectors and main technology strength.
The gross domestic product (GDP) is 12.083 million Euros (2009) with about 10% primary, about 20% secondary and about 70% tertiary.
The Regional Development Fund is a special service of Region of Western Greece that has the following main responsibilities:
Management of the public investment programme (i.e. national & European funding to the region)
Support the strategic planning of the region in the fields of its responsibility.
Assistance to the regional authority for the implementation of European development projects.