Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports - Albania

The Ministry consists of four main sectors with relevant departments:


  • General Directorate of Support Services
  • Directorate General of Tourism and Cultural Heritage
  • General Directorate for Art Policy
  • General Directorate of Youth and Sport Policy


A network of 40 agencies and institutions under the Ministry support its activities in the field of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports.
The Ministry:

  • designs, programs, and develops national policies in four areas: tourism, culture, youth and sports, cultural integration into the European family and world, in line with the Government of the Republic of Albania;
  • designs and coordinates policies on tourism, through public investment in infrastructure development, encouraging private investment, monitoring of this development, education, tourism, protection and development of natural potentials in tourism service and promoting the country as a destination resort;
  • Protective policies and promotional designs for National Culture (cultural heritage), and creates room for the storage of cultivating a culture of writing, for artistic creativity in general, and youth and sports.
  • prepares draft and propose changes to the areas it covers, the system depending on its institutions, and oversees their implementation with a view to continuing the reform of structures, in view of improving the administration of public funds allocated to this institution and system dependent.
  • cooperates with nongovernmental organizations in the fields of tourism, culture, arts, youth and sports. In order to fulfill the mission, financially supports individuals and legal entities, to organize cultural activities, art, youth and sport, provides help in coordinating the activities and programs between the entities which perform activities in these areas, within Albania and abroad, encourages and provides support for cultural and sporting exchanges with foreign institutions, countries and subjects.
  • manages annual budget allocated in function of the mission, increasingly, to collect better and more transparent public funds, creating a healthy environment for all communities, artistic, cultural, youth and sports, to conduct individual activities and collective, individual or periodical, all be together help to sublimate the image of Albania, faster integration in Europe and increase the quality of life of the sources of art, culture and sports activities.
  • manages, schedules and supports national and international activities, to identify trends and develop cultural, artistic, youth and sports in the country, as well as inclusion., tackling the best national values.