National Conference in Idrija-Slovenia, May 2014

For Pilot project Idrija we have finalized some documents regarding revitalization of monuments, such as revitalization of Joseph's Shaft with architectural layouts for entire area and also we have been able to finalize proposal for Management Plan for the area (Heritage of Mercury)– including Environmental Plan with action plan and financial frame. Final meetings have been held with stakeholders, validating project proposals and National Conference was held as a final event. In our pilot version of CHERIS for Idrija, 40 new GIS layers have been imported (infrastructure, cultural heritage and environment with Mercury Mine Data, protected areas or nature and spatial planning).

We can conclude that project activities resulted with a positive contribution for the project Pilot area Idrija. Main contribution of CHERPLAN project for our pilot project resulted in some key documents or project proposals, such as Management plan, Conservation plans for two important monuments and elaborated visions for revitalization of Miner’s Theater and Joseph’s Shaft. Preparation of Management plan was led by GIAM ZRC – SAZU.